About IADA

The Iowa Automobile Dealers Association is a non-profit voluntary membership organization established in 1919.

Our Mission
The mission of the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association is to protect, preserve, and increase the value of the motor vehicle franchise system and to provide support and services to all member dealerships.

Our Members
All car and truck dealers in Iowa are invited to be members. IADA membership includes more than 98% of the franchised car and truck dealers in Iowa.

Iowa’s more than 300 franchised motor vehicle dealers make an enormous impact on Iowa’s economy. In 2012, Iowa’s franchised motor vehicle dealers employed 11,268 people and their combined payroll accounted for 13.2% of the total retail payroll in Iowa. Also in 2012, total franchised dealership sales of $7.6 billion amounted to 13.6% of all retail sales in Iowa.

Member Services
IADA offers a full range of member services, benefits, and protections.



Educational Programs

  • Provide regulatory compliance consultations with association president
  • Protect members’ markets through work with federal and state governments
  • Protect against anti-business laws through association lobbying efforts
  • Advocate for dealers at the Iowa Legislature
  • Preserve and improve the administration of the Iowa dealer license and motor vehicle franchise laws
  • Advise members on:
    • Dealer license laws
    • Franchise issues
    • OSHA compliance
    • EPA regulations
    • Department of Labor guidelines
    • Iowa-specific labor issues