TIME Dealer of the Year Award

Every year, IADA members submit recommendations for one of their peers to be Iowa's TIME Dealer of the Year award nominee. Each state association nominates one dealer, and a national winner is selected during the NADA Show held at the beginning of each year. The following is a list of Iowa's past Dealer of the Year nominees.

2018 Dave Edwards – Edwards Auto Group (Council Bluffs)

2017 Carl Moyer – Karl Chevrolet (Ankeny)

2016 Ken Kemna – Kemna Auto Center (Algona)

2015 Jack Scieszinski – Albia Motor Co. (Albia)

2014 Brad Deery – Deery Brothers of West Burlington (West Burlington)

2013 John McEleney – McEleney Chevrolet-Buick-GMC-Toyota (Clinton)

2012 Scott Deter – Deter Motor Co. (Atlantic)

2011 Bill Colwell – Bill Colwell Ford (Hudson)

2010 Paul Stueland – Stueland Auto Center (Tipton)

2009 Chris Moffitt – Moffitt's Ford Lincoln (Boone)

2008 Casey Johnson – Fort Dodge For Lincoln Toyota (Fort Dodge)

2007 Dale Howard – Dale Howard Inc. (Iowa Falls)

2006 Rich Willis (National Finalist) – Willis Auto Campus (Clive)

2005 Stew Hansen – Stew Hansen's Dodge City (Des Moines)

2004 Mark Birdnow – Birdnow Chevrolet (Jesup)

2003 William Jensen – Crescent Chevrolet Inc. (Des Moines)

2002 John Schroeder – Bloomfield Ford Inc. (Bloomfield)

2001 John Deery, Sr. – Dan Deery Motor Co. (Cedar Falls)

2000 Charles Gabus – Charles Gabus Ford Inc. (Des Moines)

1999 Charlie Zook (National Winner) – Charlie Zook Motors (Sioux City)

1998 John Keady – John Keady Inc. (Davenport)

1997 Harry McMullen – McMullen Ford Inc. (Council Bluffs)

1996 Allen Chapman – Allen Motor Co. (Hiawatha)

1995 Dan Kruse – Dan Kruse Pontiac Inc. (Dubuque)

1994 Stan Moffitt – Moffitt's Inc. (Boone)

1993 Pete Pohlman (National Finalist) – Lujack Auto Plaza (Davenport)

1992 Wes Finch – Wes Finch Auto Plaza (Grinnell)

1991 Chuck Betts (National Finalist) – Betts Cadillac Inc. (Des Moines)

1990 Bill Fletcher – Rapids Chevrolet (Cedar Rapids)

1989 Leon Vaughn – Vaughn Automotive (Ottumwa)

1988 Bob Axtell, Sr. – Axtell Ford-Chrysler (Newton)

1987 Orv Roecker – Orv Roecker Ford Inc. (Harlan)

1986 Dave Ostrem – Dave Ostrem Imports (Des Moines)

1985 John Falb (National Finalist) – John Falb Co. (West Union)

1984 Mert Coover – Mert Coover Chevrolet-Olds Co. (Nevada)

1983 Edmund Elbert (National Finalist) – Elbert Chevrolet Inc. (Whittemore)

1982 W. H. Perdock (National Finalist) – Perdock Inc. (Washington)

1981 Tom Helms – Strieter Motor Co. (Davenport)

1980 Art Salsness – Salsness Buick-GMC (Sioux City)

1979 Gary Lilly – Gary Lilly Volkswagen (West Des Moines)

1978 Leo Levien – Levien Chevrolet (Fort Dodge)

1977 Warren McEleney (National Winner) – McEleney Motors Inc. (Clinton)

1976 Charlie Zook – Charlie Zook Motors (Sioux City)

1975 Marvin Hartwig (National Finalist) – Marv Hartwig Inc. (Iowa City)

1974 Floyd Hughes – Floyd Hughes Chevrolet Inc. (Council Bluffs)

1973 Lee Holt – Lee Holt Motors Inc. (Spencer)

1972 Ray Lauterbach (National Finalist) – Lauterbach Chevrolet (Perry)

1969 Charles Betts, Jr. – Betts Cadillac Inc. (Des Moines)

1964 Frank Collard – Frank Collard Co. (Waterloo)

1960 Cyle Murray (National Finalist) – C. J. Murray & Co. (Sioux City)