O’Halloran International Joins with Two Midwest Truck Dealers, Forms TriVista

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O’Halloran International, with locations in Altoona, Carroll, Cherokee, and Fort Dodge, is forming a partnership with Midwestern truck dealers and creating TriVista. The partnership with Ohio-based Cerni Motor Sales and Uhl Truck Sales, which has locations in Indiana and Kentucky, will be official on June 1, 2017. The three dealerships in the TriVista partnership will maintain their individual brands, but will use a shared logo incorporating the TriVista name.

“We have all spent decades building trust with our regions and with our respective customers,” O’Halloran International President and TriVista CEO Jim O’Halloran said in a statement. “We view TriVista as an expansion of resources, while maintaining our identities and values.”


Updated: Dec 21, 2023