Honorary Members

Honorary membership in the Iowa Automobile Dealers Association is awarded to people who have served the association and automobile industry with great distinction and leadership. Recipients are selected only by the unanimous vote of the board of directors.

Honorary membership has been awarded to:

R. N. Archie, Sidney

Bob Axtell, Sr., Newton

Robert Bickelhaupt, Clinton

Royce Buckwalter, Wellman

Dwight Burkhart, Independence

A. B. Chambers, Des Moines

Allen Chapman, Cedar Rapids

Frank Collard, Waterloo

Don Cornelison, Atlantic

William Cramblit, Jr., Ottumwa

William Culver, Cedar Rapids

D. H. Day, Dumont

Norman Dunlap, Ames

Elmer Dunn, Des Moines

Dennis Ehlert, Des Moines

Edmund Elbert, Whittemore

Kent Emery, Des Moines

John Falb, West Union

Marvin Hartwig, Iowa City

Byron Hawn, Waterloo

Lee Holt, Spencer

Howard Howlett, Des Moines

Floyd Hughes, Jr., Council Bluffs

Floyd Hughes, Sr., Council Bluffs

Wayne Johnson, Milford

Karl Jorde, Osage

Alfred Kahl, Des Moines

M. O. Kahn, Newton

Ray Lauterbach, Perry

Gary Lilly, Des Moines

Walter T. Mahoney, Sioux City

Martha Martell, Des Moines

R. E. McCoy, Carroll

John McEleney, Clinton

Warren McEleney, Clinton

Harry McMullen, Council Bluffs

W. L. Mooty, Reinbeck

C. A. Morris, Waterloo

H. E. Morrison, Jr., Stuart

Cyle Murray, Sioux City

Paul Pritchard, Mason City

Pat Schnoor, Des Moines

Marvin Simpson, Newton

Chuck Sinclair, Mason City

Howard Sole, Des Moines

Scott Sundstrom, Des Moines

W. B. Swaney, Fort Dodge

Allan Voorhees, West Des Moines

James West, Des Moines

E. E. Wheeler, Waterloo

W. E. Wissler, Des Moines