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Hawkeye Financial Services Inc.

Founded in 1979, Hawkeye is 100% owned by Iowa franchised dealers and has been IADA’s preferred F&I provider since its date of incorporation. Hawkeye offers a comprehensive portfolio of F&I products that are highly competitive while maximizing both front- and back-end profits for its dealers and shareholders. Credit life, accident and health, vehicle service contracts, GAP bundled products, and maintenance plans are available.

NADA Retirement from Empower Retirement

NADA Retirement from Empower offers our members a retirement program specifically designed for Dealers and their employees with state-of-the-art 401(k) plans with competitive fees and the highest degree of fiduciary support. We bring specialized service and a high-tech experience encouraging engagement and simplifying retirement planning. For more information, contact Todd Adrian at todd.adrian@empower-retirement.com or 970-581-8633 or visit nada.org/retirement.

Gold Sponsors

ACV Auctions

ACV Auctions is a full-service, wholesale automotive auction, providing unmatched transparency in a marketplace thousands of dealers trust. ACV has extended to retail and the off-lease sector becoming the most experienced inspection company in the country. Join the fastest-growing digital wholesale marketplace and see why thousands of dealers are buying and selling through ACV.

Arenson Law Group

Arenson Law Group are auto dealer attorneys and members of the National Association of Dealer Counsel serving dealer clients in Iowa and surrounding states. We offer comprehensive dealership legal services including manufacturer agreements and disputes, real estate, vendor agreements, consumer disputes, legal compliance and licensing, shareholder agreements, and dealership buy/sells.

Silver Sponsors

Armatus Dealer Uplift

With nearly 8,000 approved submissions with 28 manufacturers in 49 states, Armatus Dealer Uplift is the industry leader specializing in Retail Warranty Reimbursement submissions. Armatus’ proprietary software and data management techniques offer clients the only true mark-up and labor rate optimization process in the market.

Dealer Pay

Dealer Pay is a “dealer focused” and proven payment acceptance provider. We specialize in providing enhanced solutions to streamline operations, improve processing efficiency, payment security, and customer retention. With over 20 years’ experience, Dealer Pay offer industry-specific knowledge, which allows us to stay innovative, dependable, and price competitive.

Contact Julie today, for a quick demonstration and cost analysis — Julie Douglas (julie@dealer-pay.com, 314.578.3142)

Dealer Pay, Fast. Organized. Secure

Bronze Sponsors

American Fidelity

When it comes to protecting your employees by offering supplemental benefits, partner with a company who has the expertise in your field and understands your needs. We consider it a privilege that thousands of employees have put their trust in us. Consider American Fidelity for a different opinion.

For more information contact Tricia Landess at 800.654.8489 ext. 2420 or tricia.landess@americanfidelity.com.

PMA Asset Management LLC

PMA Asset Management LLC  is an experienced SEC registered investment advisor offering comprehensive income investment  advisory services to help government entities, insurance companies, corporations and other institutional investors thrive. As a fiduciary, PMA Asset Management offers discretionary management that aligns with our clients’ goals.